New Track Jukebox – 11/15/21

A jukebox themed weekly recap of notable new releases

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CONTRIBUTIONS FROM: John Peterson, Will Kirkpatrick, Lindsey Hernandez, Erika Cutaia, and Angelika Gamwell

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The musical chemistry between Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak is infectious, and this album is practically drenched in their charisma. Silk Sonic provides a funk throwback with vibrant and smooth songwriting, never taking themselves too seriously in the process. “777” is a celebratory track about winning big, and while the lyric writing isn’t profound in any way, the soaring trumpet lines and the performances by Mars and Paak might inspire you to press the repeat button. – Angelika Gamwell

Tasha Abott and Zack Nestel-Patt deliver an introspective single under moniker No Swoon. The droning synth, spiraling keys, and grimy guitar provide a suitable backdrop for Abott’s hushed vocals. “Nights slip by/ Days in sight/ I’m waking up/ The mirror calls/ Again, Again.” Within the loop of mundanity and repetitive days, Abott lulls you to bed and reminds you that you are not alone. – Erika Cutaia

Avril Lavigne is back! “Bite Me” is a classic pop-punk track that takes me back to the days of middle school. It’s an angsty, defiant, and confident break up song that you will want to sing along to. Can’t say that I ever expected to hear Avril Lavigne say “wifey” in my lifetime, but I guess anything is possible. – Angelika Gamwell

This is the embodiment of a “going out” song. It feels like champagne and glitter, short dresses and fast cars. It serves as the perfect reminder to keep your life interesting, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I see this on my TikTok For You Page. – Lindsey Hernandez

In this live rendition of the previously released song “Bystanders” from Sumney’s 2020 album “græ,” the already dreamy instrumental from the studio version is replaced by repeatedly ascending synth notes. This creates a very open soundscape fitting for the description of “(In Space)”, but makes the song sound kind of empty. Moses Sumney has such a beautiful and distinct voice that elevates the song, making it an enjoyable listen. – Angelika Gamwell

This goes so hard. “Eat more” is the final advance track from Ovlov’s upcoming album Buds that is set to drop on the 19th. “Eat More” features a dangerously catchy guitar part and freaky tones that quickly erupt into a cathartic climax of front man Steve Harlett’s unrequited love. If you need to release some pent-up emotions this one is for you. – Erika Cutaia

The artwork for “Hurt Someone” is pretty accurate to the experience of listening to its contents. Dark and brooding, with an overdriven bass, washed-out vocals, and even some detuned strings. – John Peterson

Oooooweeeeeee. Yeah, Smino went crazy with this one. Incredible sampling, unbelievably charming group vocals, and a warm feeling that stays with you even after the record player stops. – John Peterson

Self-proclaimed as “R&B Shoegaze,” No Rome absolutely delivers with this new track. It’s heady, yet light, and No Rome does a perfect job of combining that with intoxicating lyrics. Chances are you’re going to be remembering someone special when you hear it. – Lindsey Hernandez

Firstly, the use of Lami Tolla’s art for the last two singles is awesome, truly an iconic face of street art in Philly. The wonky out of tune piano sample is very charming and I think he pushes the lo-fi hip hop sound beyond the somewhat bland roots. Chuck Acid is great, and the future is bright. – Will Kirkpatrick

Beach House has happened upon their most intriguing atmosphere to date, providing new clarity to their traditionally washed-out mixes. All-encompassing synths are joined by a pulsing rhythm section, sultry vocals, and beautiful countermelodies. 6 minutes fly by as you lose yourself in the wall of sound. – John Peterson

With her newest album, Courtney Barnett offers her hand to the listener in a genuine display of love. Her simple and direct songwriting on “Take It Day By Day” is comforting. Like a true friend, she combines a lighthearted attitude with a deep concern for your well-being. The brief check-in ends with her promising to call back next week, and you get the feeling that she actually will. – John Peterson

SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE puts on another masterclass in sound design, blending concrete drums and bass with ever-changing synth textures and percussive hits. This is a weird comparison, but I see a lot of similarities between their approach to rock and JPEGMAFIA’s approach to hip hop. – John Peterson

IDLES’ newest album is static, even by their standards. Still, their energy is undeniable. CRAWLER sounds like it was recorded on the moon, existing in a new dark world that the band has managed to create. As Joe Talbot shouts at you that he’s “the new sensation,” it’s hard to disagree. – John Peterson

Up for Debate:

Lennon Stella is a dark horse when it comes to pop. Her 2020 release should have received exponentially more attention than it did. “Bubble” is a little bit of a letdown, but I still expect her upcoming album to be a strong showing. – John Peterson

The Weeknd met ROSALÍA and turned into El Fin De Semana. – John Peterson

I’m still waiting for my Mitski phase to kick in. Someone will crucify me for this opinion, but I haven’t been too impressed with her last two singles. This song feels cluttered with disjointed synths, muddy from an overly compressed kick, and boring due to Mitski’s underwhelming and undynamic vocal performance. – John Peterson

Get off the Aux:

Middle School dance flash backs—that’s it. There is a very odd and kind of random rap verse—it’s just weird. The song is well put together, but like it is really nothing, there is no crazy message being told. BOGO Old Navy Jeans vibes all around. – Will Kirkpatrick


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