New Track Jukebox – 12/6/21

A jukebox themed weekly recap of notable new releases

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CONTRIBUTIONS FROM: John Peterson, Angelika Gamwell, and Caitlin McGeehan

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“2011” is an ode to the year 5 Seconds of Summer formed. Rather than including feel-good lyrics celebrating milestones from the past 10 years, the band wants to go back to the days when it was just them—four guys making music without pressure. “2011” feels like home to any 5sos fan. It’s a sonic summary of everything 5sos, references to obscure songs included. – Caitlin McGeehan

Coming off her well-received cover of Bo Burnham’s “That Funny Feeling,” Bridgers returns with another off-beat cover. This time, it’s Tom Waits. She’s transformed his gritty vocal delivery and surrounding guitars into a stunning and atmospheric piano ballad. It’s a bit long winded, but Waits’ lyrics are strong enough to engage listeners. – John Peterson

Corny? Absolutely. But it’s well done, like what today’s Ed Sheeran imagines he sounds like. – John Peterson

The new underscores album is what 100 Gecs fans think the group sounds like. Honestly, “Girls and boys” has all the dynamism of great hyperpop with a heavier, punkier flare, all while remaining focused and well-structured. – John Peterson

Philly- and NY-based artist raphael. lands on a hit with “Icarus.” Imbued with the spirit of modern hip hop pioneers like Lil Uzi Vert, the track features quality lead vocals and a strong feature from Zymoonofmerkury. – John Peterson

“It’ll Be Okay” is hear wrenchingly bittersweet. Mendes chronicles the end of a relationship that has been in the cards for a while. The twinkling piano carries the verses that culminate into an epic and rushing chorus per his signature ballad style. It’s definitely worthy of both your sad and love songs playlists. – Caitlin McGeehan

 I feel like I need to restate that Arca just released four – FOUR – albums in one week…this alone deserves respect. KICK ii is an ambient reggaeton-stuffed treat, with songs like “Prada” blending the genre with Arca’s aggressive electronic instrumentation. If you’re feeling bogged down by the winter weather, this will lift you back up. – Angelika Gamwell

KicK iii is practically bubbling over with freaky and insane energy. “Bruja” is the first track, and is effective in preparing any innocent listener for the rest of the album with its unforgiving, crashing beat. Arca goes BANANAS, is confident in her performance, and commands the song. – Angelika Gamwell

As the final installment in a series of albums with their own unique sounds, kiCK iiiii is the most peaceful and introspective. With an instrumental dripping in piano, “Ether” is a song to listen to in the dark with candles burning beside you as it transports you into an otherworldly space. – Angelika Gamwell

The new Carly Cosgrove single and music video (shot by WHIP’s own Santo Donia) are as heartfelt as they are quirky. Young or old, we’ve all wished we were someone else’s Munck-rock band. – John Peterson

A charming love story with heart-pounding drums and memorable melodies. Undoubtedly, torr is an artist to watch. – John Peterson

Pittsburgh’s Water Trash channels their inner Elvis Costello with their latest single. An incredibly groovy acoustic guitar line leads the verses, while the heavy chorus begs for a sing-along in a live setting. Still retaining the charm of a small band, they’ve created a song with surprising cohesiveness considering how many layers there are.

Full review from Dylan Stevens coming soon. – John Peterson

Up for Debate:

“Concorde” gives me major déjà vu to the two other songs released by the band as a preview to their upcoming album. This song loses sight of the potential it has to be an absolute banger, and feels somewhat stale despite its noticeably heartfelt lyricism. But, maybe I’m just a bit nostalgic for Black Country, New Road’s more intense sound. – Angelika Gamwell

It’s Tierra Whack so there’s an undeniable appeal to her new EP. But surprisingly, Whack’s charm runs out pretty quick on a repetitive beat that goes on for more than a minute. If she wants to work her way into longer songs, she’s gonna have to step up her game. Regardless, you gotta love the Philly shoutout from the Philly native. – John Peterson

Get off the Aux:

The show is called Don’t Look Up. Why are you telling people to look up? Ariana is up to no good with this track. It’s almost as bad as her frequent cultural appropriation cash grabs. After playing on Black aesthetics for years (Latina aesthetics before then), her latest Instagram pictures see her instead turning to Asian aesthetics. She’s a good singer, but not good enough to turn a blind eye to her racist marketing tactics. – John Peterson

Arca takes the noble plunge into trying new things. Unfortunately, it results in this album sounding messy, and arguably coming together as the slowest and least cohesive in the Kick saga. “Xenomorphgirl” provides a fascinating breath of fresh air, but it’s not enough to salvage everything else. – Angelika Gamwell


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