Octavia Spencer switches it up in new Blumhouse Film Ma

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Tate Taylor, director of the Academy Award winner The Help, is teaming up with Octavia Spencer again for the brand new Blumhouse film Ma. According to the trailer, the film follows a group of teens in high school who are trying to purchase alcohol, when they run into Octavia Spencer’s character who invites them to drink at her place. From there craziness ensues, and it seems there is more to Spencer’s character than meets the eye.

It’s very interesting to see Tate Taylor doing this after doing a period drama like The Help. This move into horror is exciting because Taylor will surely get a great performance out of Spencer, as the two have worked together in the past, and work very well together. Blumhouse is making a name for themselves in recent years with films like Get Out, Split, and the latest Halloween that came out last year.

Ma is scheduled to be released on May 31, 2019, which means Blumhouse could have another Box Office success on their hands. Ma could be the weird summer horror hit that fans of the genre crave for all year long. Ma continues in a long trend of low-budget horror films being put out by Universal in hopes of a huge turnover. Hopefully Ma will continue this trend and turn over a huge profit for the studio, so they continue to bring new and weird ideas to the big screen.



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