Owlchella Postponed: Leaving Temple Students Disappointed

By: Isabella Uknis

Temple MCPB announced today, Sept. 30, that Owlchella will be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.

In the wake of French Montana’s homecoming performance cancellation, Temple students continued to be positive, and looked forward to the other three performers scheduled for that night. That was until one of the headliners, Fetty Wap, was involved in a motorcycle accident that left one of his legs broken in three different places.

Though this event has not been cited yet as the “unforeseen circumstance” that led to the postponement of the concert, Temple students have been taking to twitter with their reactions.

“It’s unfortunate. It would have been fun to have an event like this still somewhat early in the school year, but now it’s gonna be well into the year,” stated student Ryan Nilsen.

Nilsen is among a large group of students who has been upset by this news. Another student, Ali Reppert, says this is the second time she has tried to see Fetty Wap, and the second time that she hasn’t been able to.

Temple MCPB is making sure that everyone who purchased a ticket gets a full refund.  However, if a person purchased his or her ticket with cash that person will have to bring the ticket to the box office to get a refund. Anyone who used a card to purchase a ticket will see the money back in approximately ten business days.

They have apologized for the inconvenience and have stated that they look forward to a rescheduled date and a great show.

For more information students may visit http://www.templemcpb.com , they can contact MCPB on twitter @TempleMCPB , or they can email mcpb@temple.edu.


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