Owlchella (W)Rap-Up


Fetty Wap, a rapper from Paterson, New Jersey who quickly rose to fame in 2015 with his single “Trap Queen,” was invited to headline Temple University’s 2015 homecoming concert: Owlchella.

The lineup for Owlchella – which was originally set for Oct. 9, 2015 – included singers and rappers like Jhené Aiko, Logic, French Montana, and Fetty Wap. However, due to Fetty’s crippling motorcycle accident on Sept. 26 – less than two weeks before the concert – Owlchella had to be postponed.

Fetty Wap – along with the many other talented artists in attendance – performed in front of a crowd of (Photo courtesy of Philly.com)
Fetty Wap – along with other artists – performed in front of a crowd of 6,287 people at Temple’s own Liacouras Center. (Photo courtesy of Philly.com)

When the Main Campus Program Board (MCPB) originally announced Owchella to be set for Oct. 9, Temple University and its students went crazy upon the announcement of its first two unveiled artists: rapper French Montana and R&B singer Jhené Aiko.

As South Jersey resident Alyssa stated in a post-Owlchella interview, “There was no way I wasn’t coming. As soon as my Temple friends told me French Montana was in the lineup, I knew I would manage to come somehow.” Not only did Temple University students attend the show, but other students from the Philadelphia/South Jersey area managed to get tickets, as well.

After Fetty’s motorcycle accident, resulting in the rapper’s multiple picture and video posts on Instagram stating, “I mean, I broke my leg, but I’ll be alright,” the MCPB had no choice but to reschedule the concert in light of Fetty’s recovery.

Despite the concert almost selling out upon the original release of concert tickets, Temple not only had to reschedule the concert, but they also had to arrange plans to refund all of the ticket purchases. When the concert date was finally changed to Jan. 14 at 8 p.m., Jhené Aiko had to drop out of the lineup, due to a scheduling conflict. Jhené Aiko was replaced with the opening act: Bas, followed by rappers Wale, Logic, French Montana, and the newly-recovered star, Fetty Wap.

“Fetty Wap owned the stage the second he showed up,” stated Alyssa, “there was no doubt it was an exciting concert to attend.”

Overall, it was a great night to be an owl. The Temple University MCPB managed to convince some of the biggest rappers alive to perform at Temple’s Liacouras Center, in which, the 6,287 people that attended brought the house down. Being a second-semester freshman at Temple University, the only advice I can give to current and incoming Temple students is to never miss any future Temple University homecoming concerts!




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