PA Budget Passes Preventing Large Tuition Increase for In-State Students


The Pennsylvania State Senate approved $150 million in funding for Temple University last Wednesday after a months-long delay.

These funds will be used for in-state tuition.

Because of a budget impasse, many people affiliated with the university were beginning to worry about the consequences of Temple not getting this funding; a large tuition increase (about $6,000) for in-state students.

Many Temple students called their representatives to encourage the budget to pass. Temple Student Government was the main campus organization initiating the cause.

This last-minute passage has many students, like senior media studies major Aaron Randolph, feeling thankful.

“I’m extremely happy and extremely thankful because Temple got their goal of $150 million,” said Randolph. “I’m coming down to my last semester and the increase would have been something that I could not have afforded”

Other students, like sophomore Alyssa Haines, are also relieved that they will not see a large tuition increase.

“I feel that the government budget for in-state discounts on tuition was a great thing for them to accept,” Haines said. “A lot of people depend on that discount in-order-to pay their tuition. It would have been a traumatic day for students on campus if the budget would have been denied.”