Philly Celebrates International Pillow Fight Day with Second Annual ‘Pillow Phight’


This past weekend, Philadelphians gathered in Washington Square Park to celebrate International Pillow Fight Day at the second annual ‘Philly Pillow Phight.’

The second annual "Philly Pillow Phight" was a success, according to organizer (Photo by: Siena Sohn)
The second annual “Philly Pillow Phight” was a success, according to organizer and Norristown resident Caleb Derby. (Photo by: Siena Sohn)

Philadelphians brought their own pillows to the park and awaited the light-hearted altercation. At the sound of a whistle, the friendly fighting commenced. Many participants were very enthusiastic about the pillow fight. Some individuals even duct taped pillows across their body and dressed up in costumes, like Waldo and Nacho Libre.

Many students from Temple participated in the event. Freshman Steven Doncaster made the trip to Center City because the pillow fight “seemed like a really good way to let some mid-semester stress out, and meet new people.”

Friendly, feathery fun took place in Washington Park on Saturday.(Photo by: Siena Sohn)
Friendly, feathery fun took place in Washington Square Park on Saturday. (Photo by: Siena Sohn)

The ‘Philly Pillow Phight’ was organized by Norristown resident, Caleb Derby. Derby is no rookie at events like this, considering he planned last year’s pillow fight, as well as Philadelphia’s annual ‘No Pants’ subway ride. Overall, Derby described this year’s International Pillow Fight celebration as “very successful. Since last year about 100 people came out, but this year at least 200 people showed up.”

‘Philly Pillow Phight’ was sponsored by Urban Playground, an organization that, according to their Facebook page, “creates fun, free social events in public spaces in the Philadelphia region,” whether it be a pop-up flash mob, pranks, or even hilarious social experiments.

To find out more on future events like the pillow fight, follow Urban Playground on Facebook.


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