PHOTOS/REVIEW: Bleary Eyed at PhilaMOCA

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PHOTOS BY: Samantha Sullivan

WRITTEN BY: John Peterson

Shows are back and WHIP couldn’t be more excited. On Wednesday, August 25, several bands hit the stage at PhilaMOCA for an electric evening. The show celebrated headlining act, Bleary Eyed’s, new record, Guise’. Warming up the crowd were a slew of fast paced sets from Acid Freek, Big Nick, Snoozer, and Sun Organ. Each band set the tone with unique takes on shoegaze, noise, and indie rock. With broken cymbals, amps turned up to 11, and an army of guitar pedals strewn across the floor, PhilaMOCA bred new life into a show you might normally catch in a basement, substituting the charming grime of a low hanging ceiling and beer-stained floor with a larger space, an elevated stage, and a large screen behind the bands adding psychedelic visuals. If there was an issue with the show it rest in the fact that the instruments were so loud that they completely drowned out the vocals. This problem was mostly remedied by the time Bleary Eyed arrived for their set.

Opening with the high-stakes “Spark,” the Philly band wowed the crowd with their hyper saturated sound. Though the set was relatively short, Bleary Eyed proved to be a band capable of ascending beyond the confines of a house show, boasting nuanced musical techniques and tight breaks to highlight their killer riffs and band chemistry. With a highlight like “Speaking Just Fine,” Bleary Eyed demonstrated the ability to deliver psychedelic noise rock in a manner somehow akin to a lullaby. Don’t miss out on Bleary Eyed’s future shows.


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