PHOTOS & REVIEW: Gallant at The Fillmore

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PHOTOS & WRITTEN BY: Michael Seitzinger

Grammy nominated R&B artist Gallant took the stage on Saturday October 19, 2019 at The Fillmore supporting artist Sabrina Claudio on her “Truth Is” Tour. The 27 year old singer brought life to a dull crowd by dancing his way onto the stage to track “Talking To Myself” from his 2016 album titled Ology. After performing his first couple tracks, Gallant took a moment to address how good the audience sounded singing along to his songs, “Man I should’ve known Philadelphia was going to have vocals, y’all sound incredible!” The R&B artist continued with tracks from his previous album release, such as the trippy “Percogesic” that features chilling keys, a wide range of vocals and an intense drum solo. 

Gallant then spoke to the crowd again while getting some water, talking about how he is from Maryland and wanted to show love to the attendees from the DMV area. After shouting out his home state, Gallant moved the show forward by performing some singles from his upcoming album Sweet Insomnia. The track “Sleep On It” is an intimate ballad that speaks on the monotony of relationship struggles. This performance was a big hit with the crowd, It was the most recent single Gallant had released, so his fans were enthusiastic to be able to see it live and sing along. More singles already released from his forthcoming album such as “Sharpest Edges” came shortly after, but Gallant did not preview any unreleased tracks at this show.

To close out his act, Gallant performed his most popular track to date “Weight in Gold.” The track is his most successful single to date and has had some radio play, so most of the crowd instantly recognized it. Both the artist and the audience put their all into the last song of the performance, belting out the lyrics together. Towards the end the song, Gallant took the barstool on stage, lifted it into the air and threw it down and began flailing around to the music. The crowd loved it and began cheering and clapping before the popular single was even over. Gallant then thanked the audience and then rushed off the stage.

Gallant came through to The Fillmore’s stage with energy and excitement and the audience did a great job matching it. Overall the performance was successful on all ends, no major technical difficulties hindered the show, the audience was invested and the performer himself was lively and enthusiastic. Gallant’s next album titled Sweet Insomnia will be released on all streaming platforms on Friday October 25th, 2019.


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