PHOTOS/REVIEW: Ryan Leahan at Vox Populi

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Philly-based artist and Temple student Ryan Leahan launched the new school year with his show at Lucifer’s Lounge/Vox Populi in Callowhill, Philadelphia. Ryan and his team turned the grungy venue at Vox Populi to what felt like a professional performance. Playing with colorful and psychedelic lighting, they made the audience forget they were in a hot and sweaty warehouse. 

The intro “Gracie” smoothly transitioned into “Evergreen,” one of his more praised songs. “The World Hates Me,” “Heatwave,” and “Steal My Bike” were also some of the more stand-out performances. The audience was filled with DIY-scene enthusiasts and sang along the entire show. 

Ryan and his right-hand man Gordon Synder create a genre that is almost too diverse to define. Ingredients for their unique sound include a mix of indie, alternative, R&B, rap, EDM and more. Some major artists such as Kanye West, Frank Ocean, BROCKHAMPTON, Bon Iver and “their best friends” influence their musical style. Ryan and Gordon also frequently collab with their friends Patrick Williams “patchymate” and Anthony Flores “abbot.” Songs such as “Steal My Bike” feature all four artists. After watching their show, it is without a doubt that their greatest motivation for songwriting and performing is their genuine love for music and expression. Their energy was contagious; the audience could feel their passion and devotion.

With such an incredible performance, it is almost hard to believe that Ryan has only been making music since his senior year of high school. Working eight hour days relentlessly on his talent certainly has paid off; he was able to perform his first show in March of 2019.

Ryan’s music also extends far beyond the audience at Vox Populi. His recent single “My Little” along with “SPF10” a collaboration with his group Requirem Inc., have recently passed a million streams on Spotify; an extremely impressive landmark for a self-taught college artist. 

We can look forward to Ryan Leahan’s new single dropping October 4th. Gordon, Patchymate and Abbot also recently released new music, they can be found on all major streaming platforms. 

Gracie (Intro)
The World Hates Me
Life of the Party
[Untitled October 4th release]
Steal My Bike


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