PHOTOS/REVIEW: The Faim at the Voltage Lounge

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The vocalist’s eyes lit up as he stood mounted at the head of the stage, savoring each moment and radiating an unwavering energy that filled the room. He scanned the crowd. In the midst of their tour the band had not lost any momentum. The first chord sounded, and the room exploded. 

The Faim, an alternative rock band from Perth, Australia, co-headlined at the Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia on Sunday night alongside bands Stand Atlantic with opening sets from Wstr Band and Hold Close. The four-man group draws obvious influence from Fall Out Boy (Pete Wentz having co-written their single “Saints of the Sinners”), Panic! At the Disco, and Metallica — but their authentic style and stage presence generates a show that is all their own. 

Having perfected the classic Rockstar persona, vocalist Josh Raven dominated the crowd and controlled every moment of the show. Raven paused for moments throughout the set, visibly feeding off the crowd’s energy as well as personally attempting to connect with each individual in the audience to create a lasting impression and unforgettable experience. His unpredictable nature not only amused his bandmates but amplified the crowd’s anticipation, hanging on to his every move as he ran across the bar counter. He established a position in the balcony to sing alongside fans at the merch table, and gathered members of the audience to mosh with in the center of the floor. Bassist and keyboardist Stephen Beerkens unleashed a wild and intense energy, feeding off of his chemistry with Raven and exuding passionate and meticulous control over his instruments. Although new additions, guitarist Samuel Tye and drummer Linden Marissen held their own during the set and quickly adjusted to their positions on stage. Samuel Tye humbly rose to the occasions when his solos hit and set the pace for the band, comfortably dropping into the spirit of the music. Marissen provided a hard-backing drum to set the foundation for the performance and connect with each member. 

The Faim never faltered and delivered a lasting experience for all those fortunate enough to witness their performance. After such a physically and emotionally draining set, the band left a piece of themselves on the stage. They made their mark and established their presence to a room full of strangers. If the band continues to evolve and grow with their music, they will undoubtedly achieve international recognition for their work and refreshingly unique performances. 


  1. Saints of the Sinners 
  2. My Heart Needs to Breathe 
  3. Midland Line 
  4. Beautiful Drama 
  5. Infamous 
  6. Make Believe 
  7. A Million Stars 
  8. Humans 
  9. Words Apart 
  10. When It Comes 
  11. Tongue Tied 
  12. Amelie 
  13. Buying Time 
  14. Summer Is a Curse 
  15. State of Mind


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