PHOTOS/RECAP: WHIP & Bell Tower Music Open Mic (featuring Rubber)

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PHOTOS BY: AnnaMarie Otor

WRITTEN BY: Melissa Resurreccion

On February 27, Bell Tower Music and WHIP Radio partnered up for an open mic with a secret headliner. With performers JM Haze, Ross Aronow of Beach Fuzz and Eamonn Sullivan warming up the crowd, WHIP and Bell Tower’s lovely Meredith Tracey introduced the secret headliner: Rubber. 

Rubber is a vibrant duo comprised of Andrew Loper and John Della Franco, a Temple alumnus and Temple student respectively. Although they both wore black, Loper’s silky vocal runs and Della Franco’s bright and rhythmic finger picking filled the room, capturing everyone’s attention. Performing a mixture of old and new songs from their debut EP Rubber Baby and newest release Buggy Bumpers, they exuded a mellow vibe for the night with tracks “Someone Else” and “Angora Girl.” As per request of the crowd, they also performed a fan favorite, “Think Fast.” Between each song, Loper set the scene with lyrical context, revealing inspirations behind the tracks. Whether it was about an unrequited love or partying with your friends, their lyrics were beautifully embellished with Loper’s liquid gold voice. Closing the night with a cover of Jessie J’s “Do It Like A Dude,” they cheekily offered up the stage for anyone else to perform. 

Rubber released their sophomore EP Buggy Bumpers later that night. Comprised of five tracks including “Someone Else,” “Angora Girl” and “Disorganized,” the EP is available on your streaming platform of choice. Catch them at their EP release show on February 28 at The Barbary!

Find Rubber’s new EP, a link to tickets to their show at The Barbary, and more here!


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