Pipe burst in Johnson and Hardwick dining hall causes confusion among students


When students came back from winter break to their usual residence halls and hectic class schedules, there was something noticeably different about the Johnson and Hardwick dining hall.

There was a large tarp in the J&H dining hall covering two food stations.

Two of the stations of Johnson and Hardwick's dining hall were closed due a pipe burst causing students to wonder what had happened over the winter break.  (Photo by Ryan Silverthorn)
Two of the stations in Johnson and Hardwick’s dining hall were closed off causing students to wonder what had happened over the winter break. The stations were roped off due to a pipe burst in the cafeteria. (Photo by Ryan Silverthorn)

According to a manager at the J&H dining hall, the cause for this relocation of food stations was a pipe burst. The pipe burst was said to have taken place on Jan. 5. The contracting company in charge of the repairs gave the dining hall staff a two and a half week window of completion for the end of the project.

According to Temple student and J&H patron Michael Kaba the pipe repairs were, “A little annoying because things weren’t available.” However, he added, “nothing was really that bad.”

When asked for opinions on the pipe burst many students simply were not aware that there even was one. Many students believed that the dining hall was undergoing renovations. Despite the pipe burst, the dining hall staff has been able to keep a very efficient dining hall experience.

Since the two stations in question were currently unusable, the staff moved the serving stations to different parts of the dining hall. When asked about the cause of the pipe burst the staff stated that it was against policy to give out information, however, there is speculation that it was simply caused by the cold weather during winter break.

There are no reports of anything resembling permanent damage and the repairs are nearing completion. Students have been able to get their food with no difficulty. Average life at J&H had not skipped a beat thanks to the dedication of the dining hall staff.


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