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PLAYLIST CONTRIBUTIONS FROM: John Peterson (1-5), Lianna Platzner (6-10), Will Kirkpatrick (11-15), Angelika Gamwell (16-20), Erika Cutaia (21-25), Esther Landis (26-30), Chresten Christensen (31-35), Zöe Longley (36-40), Aaron Scofield (41-45), Claire Cronin (46-50), Oliver Sabo (51-55), Lindsey Hernandez (56-60), Claudine Van Arman (61-65), Gracie Dulin (66-70), Mitch Demmler (71-75), Liv Franz (76-80), Braeden McDermott (81-85), and Eva Agabegi (86-90)

To celebrate the end of the year, WHIP has made a playlist of our staff’s favorite tracks. 2021, like every year, came with its challenges, but music got us through it all. Check out each member’s top 5 most played/enjoyed songs of the year and see if you can find a new favorite of your own. Happy Holidays!


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