Pop Artist MARINA Making Comeback with New Album LOVE + FEAR

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MARINA, formerly known as Marina and the Diamonds, has recently rebranded and reemerged with a new album, LOVE + FEAR, and a tour coming in 2019.

The Welsh indie pop artist made the announcement on Twitter yesterday, announcing the album’s name and release date, April 16. MARINA just recently debuted a new single, Handmade Heaven, on February 8, which will make an appearance on the album. She was also featured on Baby by Clean Bandit, also featuring Luis Fonsi, which will appear on the singer’s upcoming album as well.

With her last album, Froot, coming out in early 2015 to mixed reviews, MARINA has a lot to prove with this new comeback. Although an indie artist, she was extremely popular in 2012 after dropping Electra Heart, only her second album, but fell off of the radar after Froot left a lot to be desired with her fanbase.

But LOVE + FEAR has a lot of promise consisting of two 8-track collections, making 16 tracks total with the two collections combined. MARINA also announced a North American tour, also called LOVE + FEAR, that will hit parts of Canada and a number of major cities in the U.S. (including Philadelphia). The tour starts in September, only five months after the album drops.


Source: https://pitchfork.com/news/marina-nee-and-the-diamonds-announces-new-album-and-tour/



One thought on “Pop Artist MARINA Making Comeback with New Album LOVE + FEAR

  • Feb 19, 2019 at 5:59 pm

    Froot is her highest ranking album on Metacritic and was very well received!


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