Proposed stadium seen as positive next step by some students


The proposed Temple University football stadium has been at the center of heated debates between students and faculty for the past few months.

The football stadium for Temple has been approved, but not everyone is in agreement as to whether or not the project is a good one. (Photo credit: CLTV)
The football stadium for Temple has been approved, but not everyone is in agreement as to whether or not the project is a good idea. (Photo credit: CLTV)

The proposed 35,000-seat stadium is set at a budget of $130 million dollars and the placement of the stadium has upset many community members as well as students.

In a public statement, President Neil Theobald made it clear that, “Having our own stadium will help showcase our vibrant campus as we celebrate Temple’s accomplishments on and off the field.”

However, despite President Theobald’s positive outlook on the stadium, many students-turned-protestors have taken the matter into their own hands — setting up protests around campus, as well as protesting outside of hearings and meetings. The outcry of negative responses has dominated the media and has set the tone that most Temple students are against the stadium.

Contrary to the vocal denouncement of the stadium, there are many students who are in fact, in favor of the construction of a football stadium.

For example, freshman Nate Weaver is greatly in favor of the construction of the stadium. “Having our own stadium, as opposed to renting The Linc [Lincoln Financial Field] will save Temple so much money. The stadium will also give a boost to the economy and also generate a great sense of pride for our school.” Weaver also notes that as the football team continues to climb the national ranks, an on-campus stadium will provide a larger fan base and a phenomenal college experience.

The football stadium will also provide a benefit to the social atmosphere. Sophomore Hannah McComsey says, “The construction of an on-campus stadium is brilliant because it will help unify the campus and create another place for students to congregate together.”

Senior Thomas Kolakowski also voices his approval of the stadium by saying, “I think the construction of a football stadium is a fabulous idea. The stadium will bring jobs and bring an even greater sense of pride to North Philadelphia.”

Kolakowski also noted that after talking to his fellow students about the stadium, it seems as though it is a vocal minority that is against the stadium. “Most students have accepted that the stadium is going to be built and instead of having a negative outlook most students are excited. The stadium is going to be built no matter what, so instead of pouting about it, let’s get pumped and excited about the new energy and momentum it will produce for our school.”


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