PVRIS @ Electric Factory

Written by: Jaime Wouters

Radio 104.5 presented PVRIS at the Electric Factory on October 8th.

The show was opened by Flint Eastwood, who showed her spunky attitude on stage with her energetic dance moves while still being able to belt her song lyrics out. Lights came on next with a passionate set showing some serious emotion with all of the songs she sang, especially “New Fears”. Her fire red hair was just as passionate as her voice with all the songs she sang.

PVRIS began her set with her song, “Heavens” which made vibes at the venue at an all-time high.Throughout the entire set she showed her fans how strong her voice really is. In this song PVRIS talks about how someone in her life had taken her “heaven” away hinting that they ruined something good in her life. The songs she performed had a certain edge to it, with most of it being electric guitar and heavy drums, her voice completes the ensemble. As an alternative rock band PVRIS is more low-key and underground, but fans are continuing to grow in numbers. “White Noise” was my favorite song of the whole set. This song jumps right into it and tells a certain story that has a deep meaning. “What’s Wrong” is an emotional song and PVRIS captured the mood so perfectly. The audience was belting the song aloud with her showing how relatable her lyrics can be. Surrounding me were people who weren’t familiar with PVRIS and came for the opening acts, but were still enjoying themselves and making new friends. Music truly does bring people together because in that moment no one cares about anything else.

1. Heaven

2. St. Patrick

3. Smoke

4. Half

5. Fire

6. Holy

7. You and I

8. Same Soul

9. White Noise

10. What’s Wrong

11. Winter

12. Separate

13. Anyone Else

14. My House


  1. No Mercy