RECAP: Still Woozy Press Conference

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WRITTEN BY: Lily Sanders

Last Wednesday, Sven Gamsky, of the solo act Still Woozy, hosted a press conference in anticipation of his newest single, “BS,” which he released the following day. Incredibly apropos to the COVID era, “BS” is lyrically one of Gamsky’s more somber tracks, but “somber” in Still Woozy terms is anything but. 

When coupled with an upbeat melody, “BS” is the sort of song you listen to power through the sad. The immediacy of the line “got a million voices in my head, hollow, all of them keep telling me to go,” is mitigated by the welcoming aura of his usual synthy accompaniment. During the conference, Gamsky reiterated that he wants to create music that serves as a “safe space” and “break from yourself.” He creates just the sort of tunes that get you back on your feet. 

Gamsky, as an individual, is someone inseparable from his persona as an artist. He self describes his music as a coping mechanism, so it is a real and raw reflection of his experiences. The real Still Woozy is a happy go lucky guy that doesn’t stray too far from the man on stage and in music videos. 

On Zoom, he sat down with his dog Beemo, named after the Adventure Time robot, and answered questions with a rare, unfiltered sincerity to his responses. Some of his most notable moments were when he dotingly attributed the majority of his artistic inspiration to his fiancée who he professed inspires him not just through her art, but more deeply as a person because she brings art and creativity into everything she does. He also referenced her assistance in helping him “stay objective, “especially during quarantine and isolation. 

When asked what he had been listening to lately, Gamsky did not miss a single beat before replying Dominic Fike. However, Voodoo by Deangelo is an album he can “always turn to.” Voodoos’ influence on tracks like Window, which was released earlier this year, is overwhelmingly clear. 

Still Woozy is a musical act marked by earnestness and refreshing lack of pretension. His passion for performing and creating music is indisputable. Before signing off, he noted, “If it were up to me I would be in the crowd all the time, I love the rambunctious energy. I don’t like being put on a pedestal and being disconnected from the crowd.” 

“BS” offers continuity to the Still Woozy name. It’s just another transparent insight into Gamsky’s current mindset that he is more than willing to share with his fans.


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