REVIEW: 100 gecs at The Fillmore

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WRITTEN BY: Tina Hampson

This past spring, Dylan Brady and Laura Les released their first full length album 1000 gecs under their collaborative music project, 100 gecs. An experimental album that combines elements from various different genres to create their own unique, abrasive sound, Brady and Les have managed to strike a balance that makes their most recent release feel extremely current while remaining reminiscent of electro-pop and nightcore music released in the early 2000s and 2010s. The album generated immediate online buzz upon its release, garnering the duo a substantial following. In September, BROCKHAMPTON announced that 100 gecs would support them as an opening act along with slowthai for various dates on their upcoming “Heaven Belongs To You” tour. 

Philadelphia was fortunate enough to be one of the cities to have 100 gecs on the bill as an opener. Although most people in attendance were there for BROCKHAMPTON, several people could be spotted in 100 gecs merch clearly anticipating their performance. When the duo came on around 8 pm, they received a warm welcome from the crowd as the first act to take the stage for the night. 100 gecs opened their set with “stupid horse,” one of the pair’s most popular songs to date. The high energy song elicited an equally high energy response from the crowd who immediately took to dancing and starting a mosh pit.  

With their full album comprising of ten songs but only clocking in at 23 minutes, 100 gecs expectantly played a relatively short set even though they got through the majority of the songs from their album. One of the most memorable moments of their set happened when Laura Les announced that Dylan Brady was celebrating his birthday that day. Led by Les, the crowd sang “Happy Birthday” to Dylan who graciously accepted the gesture while wearing a whimsical, brown wizard hat that he has been spotted in several times throughout the tour. The duo continued their set, playing their most streamed song “money machine,” which undoubtedly and unsurprisingly was the crowd favorite. The iconic, taunting opening monologue delivered by Les was enthusiastically chanted verbatim by the crowd. 100 gecs’ dance moves on stage were an exact representation to how they portray themselves in their music videos. For the entire set Dylan and Laura could be seen headbanging and jumping up and down along to their songs, their demeanor perfectly complementing the absurd, lively spirit of their album.

With A.G. Cook from PC Music recently releasing a dreamy, sparkly remix of “money machine”, and Injury Reserve putting their own hip hop spin on “745 sticky”, it seems like 2020 will be another hugely successful year for 100 gecs. If you were not able to catch 100 gecs as an opener during the “Heaven Belongs To You” tour, make sure to be on the lookout for 100 gecs own headlining shows in your city this upcoming year!


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