REVIEW: Frankie Cosmos at Boot & Saddle

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WRITTEN BY: Lily Sanders

Despite the impromptu nature of her performance, Greta Kline, aka Frankie Cosmos breezed through her set at the Boot and Saddle this past Sunday. She was preceded by opening acts Lina Tullgren and Locate S,1 for an unexpectedly enjoyable afternoon. This performance was in wake of the release of her latest album, Close it Quietly, released on September 6th. 

The Philly show was originally scheduled to be at the PhilaMOCA, but after having been temporarily shut down due to city zoning ordinances, management scrambled to find a new venue. Boot and Saddle in Queen Village was settled upon, but in order to maintain all age entry, the show time was moved to an earlier matinee time of 2:00 PM. 

Standing midday in a dark room has the potential to be disorienting and does not necessarily have the makings of a good show, however, Kline’s musical prowess shined. Her quirky, girl-next-door personality made the awkward circumstances of her performance quite comical. Dedicated fans flooded through the doors as the opening acts progressed and the crowd was just as vivacious as one would hope. 

In between flawless renditions of new tunes like “41st” and old hits like “Fools,” Frankie Cosmos and her band threw in funny comments that made them all the much more personable. Whether it was mentioning getting too stuffed at Gardenia prior to the performance, eloquently dealing with an unresponsive audio technician, or having to tell backstage staff to shut off Greta’s daily 4 pm alarm mid-show the tidbits were well welcomed. 

What had the potential to be a disastrous performance ended up being all the more personal and intimate. Despite the technical issues thrown her way, Greta’s voice sounded nearly identical to her voice on her records. Her soft-spoken, free-spirited, alter ego Frankie Cosmos was not lost in her stage presence. 


  1. Moonsea
  2. Windows
  3. Apathy
  4. Rings (On a Tree)
  5. Cosmic Shop
  6. 41st 
  7. A Joke 
  8. Ballad of R & J 
  9. Accommodate
  10. Did you Find 
  11. Last Season’s Treasures
  12. Korean Food
  13. Sad 2
  14. Marbles
  15. Self-Destruct
  16. Being Alive
  17. On the Lips
  18. Too Dark
  19. I Do
  20. Jesse
  21. So Blue
  22. Even Though I knew
  23. Fool 
  24. This Swirling
  25. Wannago


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