REVIEW: Polo & Pan at Union Transfer

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WRITTEN BY: Savannah Arnold

Following their debut album Caravelle’s release in 2017, and their Mexicali EP in October of 2018, French electronic duo Polo & Pan made an appearance at Union Transfer for a DJ night of funky, dance-y, electronic vibes. Paul Armand-Delille (previously “Polocorp”) and Alexandre Grynszpan (previously “Peter Pan”) both had successful careers as solo artists, particularly at the famous Parisian cult “bar-discothèque,” or bar/nightclub, “Le Baron.” In 2012, they released their first EP Rivolta together, and henceforth became known as Polo & Pan.

Half a decade and four EPs later, Polo & Pan released their first album together; Caravelle. As a reference to the caravel ships that were used to travel in the European age of exploration, the album details the duo’s travels across the world, as a colorful, epicurean, music-loving expedition.

To start off the night, the pair opened with Caravelle’s first song, “Abysse;” a playful instrumental, sounding like it comes from the mysterious depths of the seas, all while remaining surprisingly inviting and enticing. The rest of the night consisted of Polo & Pan performing a lively DJ set, intermixed with an abundance of their hit songs. The energy in the venue was buzzing and animated throughout their set; smoke from the stage filled the space, lit by red, blue, and purple colorful hues. The crowd loved their presence; they were completely alive, and vibrantly dancing and flowing to their music.

Throughout the night, Polo & Pan invited the audience to come along and travel with them, as they went along their musical journey to different lands. They made sure to play some of their more popular singles throughout their energetic DJ set. This included “Canopée,” a more mellow track relying on female vocals and playful tropical percussion, that details a jungle Amazonian experience. The duo then played “Zoom Zoom,” a vibe-y song about travelling and movement, characterized by the repeated use of the word, “zoom.” Also included in the setlist was their hit “Nanã,” which you may have heard recently in one of Apple’s iPhoneX commercials. With sunny, chopped and distorted Portuguese vocals, and a solid dance beat, this song was sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Polo & Pan’s eclectic sound of classic electro dance music, tropical vibes, playful percussion, and bass-y tones provided an exciting night filled with wonderful, vibrant energy. Check out their debut album here:


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