SINGLE REVIEW: “4AM” by Kid Brunswick

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WRITTEN BY: Caitlin McGeehan

With his rhythm and grunge sound, Kid Brunswick is breathing new life into the rock scene. His tracks channel the lows and highs of darkness within addiction and mental health. 

His latest single, “4AM” is the pivot between a rock-centric sound and the lyrically heavy ballads of the ‘alternative’ genre.

The 22-year old behind Kid Brunswick, Harry James, cites Travis Scott, Nirvana, and Green Dayas his sonic influences. Each of the latter two have their signature slow songs, and “4AM” in undeniably Kid Brunswick’s. His other tracks, (such as “Prescription Kid” and “SKINNY” released earlier this year) sew together the Trap beat patterns of artists like Travis Scott and the emotional clarity of alternative rock. 

“4AM” embraces a stripped down and raw sound while staying true to the Kid Brunswick synth vocal style. The chorus is considerably more upbeat compared to the verses —a bit of an earworm– although its corresponding lyrics are anything but. The lyrics, “Cigarettes, and sex, helps us get past all of it again” lay over the bouncing melody. “4AM” illustrates a late night struggle of confronting how much you miss someone. The lyrics emphasize how much this low point can break you down, no matter how much you feel for that person or what you’re willing to give for them. 

A strumming acoustic guitar is a constant throughout the track, with the chorus kicking it up a notch to an electric. This riff is almost indescribable. Reminiscent of early 2000s soft rock, it reaches into your heart and latches on (in the best way possible). The bassline and dragging beat string the whole song together, creating an underlying heavy feeling. It resonates and feels so familiar, like a hug from an old friend, but bittersweet considering the lyrical context.  

This song is so heart-wrenchingly captivating that you can’t get enough of it. So yes, immersing yourself in “4AM” as it’s on loop is the best way to satisfy any craving for a hard-hitting song, especially for a ‘reflective’ mood.


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