SINGLE REVIEW: “Apathetic” by patchymate

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WRITTEN BY: John Peterson

For the past two years, Temple’s own Pat Williams has been releasing music under the name patchymate, wowing fans with his unique brand of hyperpop. Combining pop, hip-hop, punk, and whatever else, there’s a clear influence stemming from brakence, whose songs speak to a similar youthful edge. Inspirations aside, patchymate’s feverish energy is inimitable while his poetic honesty adds emotional layers to sonically dense tracks. Ranging from soft-spoken confessions to headbanging proclamations, patchymate’s music captures the dynamic experience of being young. His new single and music video, “Apathetic,” is the latest addition to his growing catalogue. As produced and digital as the track is, there’s still no separating patchymate from the guitar, which forms the harmonic soul of nearly all his songs. The mellifluous chords bring forth a certain nostalgia, working with the vocals to give a false sense of calm that’s interrupted by the delayed drums. Entering with a bang one measure into the second chorus, the percussion brings an intensity that carries through the rest of the song. The vocals—though heavily treated—aren’t over-bearing, instead suggesting a distinction between competing voices in his head, each offering new perspective to a shared thought or emotion. This divergence and confluence provides direction for the track as patchymate ponders his apathy—his inability to make a choice with conviction. At just under two minutes, the song leaves listeners wanting more, craving the next single and anxiously awaiting a new full length project.


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