SINGLE REVIEW: cbd by brakence

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WRITTEN BY: Lindsey Hernandez

The latest single by brakence, “cbd,” feels familiar to his anti-pop glitch sound. However, it stands out with an R&B twist and catchy funk hook. Similar to his previous single, “argyle,” which came out in October of 2021, “cbd” feels notably more mature than the 2020 album, “punk2.” The song offers a more polished and assembled tone which delivers a more balanced product in return. The most shocking aspect is without a doubt the hook, which flares off with a percussive beat, setting this single apart from any of his past releases. Despite experimenting with such a contrasting sound, “cbd” still manages to sound undeniably like brakence. The digital choppiness and twinkling of electricity, a feature which is sure to please loyal fans and new ones alike, make it clear that he has not strayed too far from his past sonic interests. 

It’s insanely interesting to watch a synth talented artist like brakence try his hand in a different genre such as R&B. With “cbd” as the result of his experimentation, I hope to see more of an influence like this across his discography. The track still manages to maintain brakence’s reputation for incredible production, which is known for its intentional stutters and scratching glitches. The song feels layered, with addictive electric shocks providing a buzz similar to an energy drink. This gets paired with his ability to create emotionally heavy lyrics and vocals, making “cbd” feel specially crafted for anyone a part of Gen Z. brakence continues to shine with talent by expressing topics of loneliness and depression with an authentic and creative presentation. This expression has proven to be a crucial feature, making his message feel even more heartfelt and personal. Overall, “cbd” sets an exciting new direction for any future releases this year, which I’ll definitely be on the lookout for.


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