SINGLE REVIEWS: Philly’s Finest (#4)

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WRITTEN BY: Vince Barreras

Total Rubbish – “What’s Your Damage?” 

Alternative rock band Total Rubbish return with a second single off their upcoming EP, which will be released on Nov. 20 via Born Losers Records. This time the band pushes the fuzz and distortion sound from their previous track and makes it dreamier, and louder. One of the best parts about this song are the sweet reverb they put over the vocals that add that extra bit of atmosphere to the song. The fuzz and distortion are strong with this one, another phenomenal song from Total Rubbish, who are shaping out to be a future power-house in the Philly indie-scene. Pre-order their new EP and T-shirt here.

Drowse – “Dance in the Decay”

“Dance in the Decay” is the second single off Drowse’s upcoming debut album. This track perfectly shows why this band will be a force within the punk scene in this city. Before, it was easy to say Drowse was a hardcore band. With this new song, they are flirting with a more post-punk and gothic rock sound, but also implement those hardcore roots elements that make this track standout. The single artwork is also deserving of praise and was created by Brian Cole, head of Funeral Party Records. What a legendary collaboration. This is a special band, who are pushing their sound harder with each release. Their debut record is getting closer to its release date, properly on Halloween. Pre-order here and be quick, it’s limited.

Avataria – “Easy”

Avataria is a new artist to the Philly scene. The fact that the project’s Spotify page only has about a handful of followers is an outright travesty and won’t last long — their new EP will drop at the end of the month, October 30th to be precise. The sound, attitude, and energy that comes from this project is something that isn’t being done right now. Heavy guitars, lush vocals, and hard instrumentation all around. Some of the absolute heaviest guitars in the game right now are being made by Avataria. Just listen to some of the influences listed for the project: PJ Harvey, Nirvana, L7 and many more. A quick shoutout needs to be made for the artwork on this project. It is spacey, original, and just flat out awesome. This song is a must listen, and can be found on YouTube below for the time being. Be sure to give Avataria’s Spotify a follow, you won’t be disappointed. 


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