SINGLE REVIEWS: Philly’s Finest

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WRITTEN BY: Vince Barreras

Nothing – “Say Less

Philadelphia shoegaze/alternative rock band Nothing return and released their debut single off their new record “The Great Dismal.” The songs swirling guitars, huge drums, and thick bass give the listener a taste of what’s to expect from the veteran Philly band. The new record was recorded during quarantine at Studio 4 under Will Yip and marks the second record the band and Yip will collaborate on. The record will drop October 30, and if the fact that the band sold out 2200 copies of vinyl in just 3 days is any indication of how anticipated this release will be, its definitely worth checking out. This single is incredible.

Total Rubbish – “Honey Ryder”

Total Rubbish is Bre Steinfeldt on bass, Cass Nguyen on guitar, and Kiki Schiller on drums. The band has a distinct 90s alternative rock sound. It’s hard, its loud, and above all sounds clean and fresh. Its loud guitar work might remind you of such bands like Veruca Salt, or the Jesus and Mary Chain, and their washed-out vocals might sound something like a shoegaze band of yesteryear. The uniqueness of this new single are the various influences that helps this band stand out. Total Rubbish is signed to Pure Losers Records and will release their debut Ep “Triple Negative” later this fall. Cassettes are still available for pre-order through Born Losers Records.

Drowse – “Missing Person’s Report”

This is the debut single from Philadelphia hardcore punk band Drowse. Its loud, abrasive, and hits hard. Clocking in at just under two minutes, the band wastes no time leaving their mark on the listener. This is about as good a hardcore song as you’ll hear all year. The sound cuts to this loud noise rock chaotic mess around the one-minute mark and slowly swirls out in a destructive tone until the ringing of the guitars and no longer audible. This single goes hard, and the bands debut album, “Dance in Decay, “is available for preorder on Sore Ear Collective, due out this Halloween. 

Red Touch Black – “Snow Girl”

Psychedelic rock outfit Red Touch Black dropped a new track “Snow Girl.” This track features heavy 70s era sounding guitars, a booming rhythm section, and hypnotic vocals. It’s hard to put this band into a specific genre because they pull so many influences all around. They combine psychedelic rock, stoner rock, garage rock, and many more that listeners will pick up on. The fuzz on the guitars is warming to the ears, and the reverb-soaked vocals sound sweet. The track is a slow burner, and just as you think it’s over, the band gains a second life mid-way through this five-and-a-half-minute banger. This is a band to look out for in the Philly music scene. Adam, Shannon, Forrest & Adam from South Philly go hard on this cut. Snow Girl is not to be slept on; this track can be loved by all. 

Cigarettes for Breakfast – “Home”

Cigarettes for Breakfast have released this track leading up to their debut full length record due out next week, Sept. 25! The track “Home” is a heavy reverb-soaked shoegaze song. The guitars hit the listener like a ton of bricks, the drums sound huge, and the vocals are washed out, but very audible and sound nice overtop the guitars when they are brought down in the mix, then suddenly find themselves blending in with the guitars as they amp up the loudness. Cigarettes for Breakfast may call to mind bands like Luster, Nothing, or Animal Ghosts. Their debut Lp should be exciting! Make sure to check out their socially distanced Ortliebs set and preorder the record on Bandcamp!


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