Singles of the Week 11/24/13

By: Kevin Schoenfeld

A review of the newest singles to be released and set to impact mainstream/rhythmic/urban radio this week:

Gas Pedal (feat. Iamsu) by Sage the Gemini –

Sage the Gemini’s first big hit began charting months ago and is just beginning to hit the airwaves. This song would be perfect for blasting on high-quality speakers due to its intense bassline. It is defined by its futuristic, electronic beats and smooth flow. The rapping done by Sage the Gemini is strangely very calm; with Iamsu’s verse is being the better contribution.

They Don’t Know by Rico Love –

Also hitting the airwaves this week is, in my opinion, the best release of the week. It’s got an initial catchy hook and funky R&B beats to top it off. Rico Love sounds extremely similar to Drake in musical tone and style. The lyrics are quite repetitive and lack real originality but this track would make the perfect slow-club song. Overall definitely worth the listen.


Know Bout Me (feat. Jay Z, Drake & James Fauntleroy) by Timbaland –

Although the artists in this song are some of the best industry, Timbaland’s latest release failed to live up to its expectations. Granted, however, the song was very well produced and contains a sick piano beat throughout. Timbaland’s rapping is mediocre at best, Jay Z really did not contribute much to the song, with Drake working well as a positive addition, and it is James Flauntleroy who has the best verse with beautiful, soothing vocals. The song finally picks up at the end to conclude with a solid finish.

Rollercoaster by Justin Beiber –

This love song about Selena Gomez is the 8th official release from Justin Beiber’s Music Monday’s promotion. This heavily auto tuned pop song oddly enough has a retro feel to it. It is not a bad song overall but the lyrics lack creativity and at various points of the song Justin sounds like he’s straight up whining.

Last Christmas by Ariana Grande –

The first Christmas single to be released by a mainstream artist this season is a sure to be holiday hit. In my opinion, this cover of the original song is actually better than the 1984 version. There’s an electronic take on the beat, which is interesting and then Grande kills it with her touching vocals. The song puts you in the holiday spirit but can get annoying after awhile.


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