Singles of the Week 2/1/14

By: Kevin Schoenfeld

A weekly review of the newest songs to be released and set to impact mainstream/rhythmic radio.

Seems like February is going to be a hot month for new releases!


John Doe (feat. Pricilla Renea) by B.o.B –

B.o.B’s release of his latest single John Doe, is greatly impressive. As the fifth single released off of Underground Luxury, it’s his first single off the album to impact mainstream radio. The song, which is about alcoholism and the struggle of addiction in general, is sure to provoke emotion. It’s a well done ballad that interludes beautifully between Pricilla Renea’s pop vocals and B.o.B’s rapping. The opening of the song is kind of abrupt and the composition overall is a little awkward, but this track is a perfect example of how real-life issues can be expressed and incorporated through music.

Latch (feat. Sam Smith) by Disclosure –

British electronic duo, Disclosure is finally impacting the states with their irresitable hit Latch. This upbeat, dance-pop track has a soothing rhythm, sick bass, and catchy compassion, topped off by Sam Smith’s uniquely amazing vocals. Song itself is about love, lust, and desire. I can foresee this song having great success on the charts once it impacts. Definitely recommend giving this song a listen, you won’t regret it!

Give Life Back To Music by Daft Punk –

With the latest single to be released from their Grammy-award-winning comeback album, Random Access Memories, Daft Punk has killed it yet again! The song starts off with a funky, up-tempo beat that is maintained throughout. Soon thereafter, their futuristic, robotic vocals kick in sounding flawlessly in conjunction with the instrumentals. It’s the perfect follow up single for their summer-smash Get Lucky. Seems as if Daft Punk really is giving life back to music with their unique take on EDM.

All The Way by Timeflies –

Timeflies very well may be the up-and-coming boy band of 2014. Their use of electronic music to enhance their soothing vocals is incomparable to others in the industry. This song has a killer beat that will make for a great club or party track. Great follow up to their prior hit, I Choose You.

MMM Yeah (feat. Pitbull) by Austin Mahone –

This upbeat pop track is pretty stupid in terms of the meaning behind it, or lack thereof. A more mature sounding song from Austin Mahone, but it’s still not quite there. Pitbull makes for a mediocre collaborator as he doesn’t add anything unique to the track overall.

Ain’t It Fun by Paramore –

No doubt one of Paramore’s better tracks, if not the best in recent memory. What stuck out to me in this song was the opening, complimented by a very pleasing instrumental beat that continues throughout. In addition, Haley Williams does a great job with the vocal aspects of the song. Good flow to the track but it kind of drags on towards the ending.

The Illest (feat. Riff Raff) by Far East Movement –

Definitely not the “illest” track of the week by any means but its alright none the less. This is a catchy tune by Far East Movement that also has a nice EDM feel to it, but Riff Raff’s verse is just absolutely terrible. Stupid song in general but didn’t exactly set my expectations too high from Far East Movement given there latest slews of mediocre hits.

Man Of The Year by SchoolboyQ –

As the first single off SchoolboysQ’s to-be released third album, OxyMoron, it is a pretty dope track. This solid rap tune has a sick backdrop to it in addition to a very sweet flow. Hip-hop fans check this one out! As it’s definitely the best new urban track of the week and it leaves me curious to check out his new album, which is due for release at the end of the month.

Double Cup (feat. Jeezy, Ludacris, Juciy J, The Game & Hitmaka) by DJ Infamous –

There is a sweet buildup to this song at the beginning! It’s got good beats and was very well produced. There is for sure a more gangster feel to this rap track. Jeezy, Ludacris, & Juicy J combine together to make for an incredible flow. Other than that though, there is nothing too impressionable about the song.


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