Spaulv Review

WRITTEN BY: Rita Thompson

If you’re looking for a fresh new sound for your speakers this summer, producer spaulv is an up-and-coming artist working tirelessly to provide exactly that for you. This humble artist from Lawrenceville, NJ, has been making music for 5 years now, cranking out tons of songs on SoundCloud, and recently releasing his latest music on popular streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. Sebastian Paul Vargas, under the alias of “spaulv” creates his music with his own guitars, synths, and vintage effect pedals, aided by a program called Reason that allows him to to add effects, as well as other virtual instruments. spaulv puts it all together on his computer, leading some to classify him as an electronic artist, however, he doesn’t like to constrain his sound to any specific genre, rather claiming “spaulv” as a genre in itself. Inspired by artists such as Deadmau5 and Erick Arc Elliott, Sebastian hopes for people to enjoy the experience of his music and yearn for more.

The 2017 release of his debut spotify single in 2017, “Pure Leaf,” has become one of his most popular songs, showcasing his seriously impressive ear for the creation of mix-genre music. The catchy vibraphone riff mixed with the hard hitting hip-hop back beat make it undeniably unique, and pretty damn hard not to love. Not to mention, the transitions on this song are impeccable, a trait that carries on his recent debut album as well. spaulv’s debut EP, “Suits” was released in March with a tracklist of 14 killer songs. The EP opens with “Hopeleft,” one of the few tracks featuring samples, and providing listeners with a sorta psychedelic vibe. I appreciated the songs relaxing sound, yet can’t help by find myself popping my head to the beat. The third track “I Want You” is the stand out dance track of the album, showing off spaulv’s diversity and ability to create sounds of all different dimensions. However, I found my ears most intrigued by the 5th song, “Look In Two (My Eyes)” as it sounded unlike anything I’ve ever heard in music. I was extremely impressed with spaulv’s ability to merge so many different sounds, effects, and ideas, yet still pull off a clean, catchy sounding track. For more interesting and unique songs like “Look In Two (My Eyes)” I would recommend checking out “Rokin Roll” and “Vocs.”

Overall, my personal favorite chunk of the album has to be tracks 9, 10, and 11. The use of flute has become very popular in today’s music, especially in the rap and hip hop industry, and spaulv does a great job incorporating that sound into his tracks as well. The 9th track, “Soutern” has a Kygo-esque sound with groovy flute riffs to make you wanna dance. “Soutern” is followed by “Sunday Stroll,” a track with an almost futuristic and eerie sound that manages to draw you in, and keep you intensively listening till the very end . Once again, spaulv shows of his phenomenal transitions that keep the song interesting and dynamic. That brings us to “Take Your Time,” another dance track that made it almost impossible to sit still, making it my overall favorite song on the album.
With his EP releasing only a few short months ago, spaulv isn’t wasting any time cranking out the tunes. His most recent release, “Roach Lips” excited me with it’s futuristic, yet calming sound that made it easy on, but still interesting, to the ears. The versatile track was the perfect release to keep listeners excited about the music to come. If you’re looking for a fresh new sound and want to support a new, young artist, I strongly urge you to check out spaulv. You can listen to the full “Suits” album Soundcloud, or find the LP version on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.