Temple Holds Second Annual “What If” Innovation Festival


Temple’s second annual “What if” Innovation Festival took place last Tuesday. The event consisted of a “Tower Takeover” at the Bell Tower followed by a lightning panel held in the evening.

“The ‘What if’ Innovation Festival was created to showcase and foster the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that Temple has by showing students what resources are available to them, regardless of the schools,” said Jacob Andrews, the co-chair of the festival.

The goal of the festival was to connect students with different backgrounds to create successful businesses. Tower Takeover allowed student innovators to display their ideas and meet with other aspiring entrepreneurs.

“That’s a major thing, [bringing] very diverse opinions and thought to the table from different backgrounds of academia and having all that come together to form businesses that will prosper,” Andrews said.

Also present at the Tower Takeover were local startups looking to recruit students for summer and fall internships.

The second part of the festival featured six of Philadelphia’s top entrepreneurs. Speakers discussed the entire entrepreneurship process, from ideation and creation to sustaining growth and development.