Temple Rings in the Spring Season with Camp TU


Temple Student Activities threw a campus-wide event for all students to participate in called “Camp TU” last Thursday.

Camp TU was advertised as an event combining all the best parts of camp. Organizers split campus into six main categories for activities.

Singers and musicians performed in Columbia Plaza, an area most commonly known as a popular skate spot by Ritter Annex. Students were able to lounge in hammocks under dim lighting to watch their peers make music.

Other activities included rock climbing and competitive games like mini golf and cornhole. There was also a bungee trampoline around the Bell Tower and bungee basketball inflatables. Students had the choice to go on an inflatable with the objective to rush through to the finish against their peers or be strapped up back to back and outdo their opponent to get their basketball in a net.  

For those who weren’t looking for physical activity, the event provided plenty of arts and crafts activities set up closer to the Bell Tower. Students could make their own souvenirs, paint, or decorate a small flower plant and receive an accompanying flower.

Students lounged in Columbia Plaza to enjoy the musical stylings of their fellow students. (Photo: Irish Haines)

The next category consisted of leisure activities. This included a large inflatable screen that showed the movie “Anchorman” at the Bell Tower and a petting zoo just off Beury Beach where students could pet animals like goats, bunnies, chickens, and sheep.

“I really liked the petting zoo just cause the animals are really cute and I didn’t expect them to have an alpaca, baby goat, or sheep, so that was pretty cool,” said Temple student Cheyenne Manning.

TU Student Activities provided a zipline for students on 13th Street.

Also along 13th Street, several food trucks that are not usually around campus were set up. At the end of the lane of trucks, there were two tables for students to get a free Camp TU t-shirt and a ticket that could redeemed for free food from any of the trucks. T-shirts were only available to the first 1,000 students to come pick one up.

Freshman Ellie Armstrong was just one of many to take a break from stressing over studying to enjoy Camp TU.  

“I’m actually supposed to be studying for a chem test right now, but I think I’m gonna skip and go here and chill here for a little bit,” Armstrong said. “It’s a good, stress-free activity if you’re ignoring your stress.”