Temple Student Government Holds Second Debate


The Temple Student Government tickets met Monday for their final debate before voting began Tuesday.

Activate TU and Connecting TU came to Room 200C of the Howard Gittis Student Center to continue to discuss their platforms and campaigns.

This debate was shorter than the first one, lasting only one hour. The candidates focused more on their main goals, rather than dwelling on every aspect of the tickets’ platforms.

Activate TU focused on their sexual assault campaign and collaboration with Women Organized Against Rape, while Connecting TU argued for the expansion of the Tuttleman Counseling Center and increasing financial aid.

Tyrell Mann-Barnes, the presidential candidate for Activate TU, made it clear that his team is very committed to securing a voting seat on the Board of Trustees.

“We are aware that students should be adequately represented in those meetings, and right now that’s not happening,” Mann-Barnes said.

As for Connect TU, presidential candidate Ari Abramson will put significant focus on support for the LGBTQ community.

“When talking to leaders on campus, it exemplified the importance of creating a task force within Temple Student Government to specifically address LGBTQ community needs,” Abramson said.

The potential Temple football stadium was a particularly divisive topic. Activate TU openly opposes the creation of the stadium. Connecting TU, on the other hand, has chosen not to take a definitive stance. They have stated that they wish to represent everyone’s voice regarding the issue.

Connecting TU also covered their proposal for the SEPTA Key OwlCard, trash cans around campus, block captains around the neighborhood, and outreach for Hootathon.

Activate TU focused on their Zero Waste and Litter Cabinet, the revival of the Summer Bridge Program, and collaboration with the Office of Sustainability.

Throughout the debate, the audience became increasingly rowdy, challenging claims made during some of the candidates’ speeches.

Voting closes tonight at midnight.