Temple Toast Takes Place to Raise Money for University Funding


Temple Toast, a 24-hour event for current and alumnus Owls to give back to the University, kicked off Tuesday as part of Temple’s “Global Days of Service” at the Bell Tower.

About 976 donors raised $109,325 for the university, with the most funds being donated to Temple Athletics, at $41,377.

Before the 2011-2012 budget year, state funding covered over 60 percent of costs for Temple University. Today, state funding only covers 11 percent.

Gov. Tom Wolf proposed the budget for 2017-2018, and if it’s approved by the State House and Senate, Temple would receive the same budget as it did in 2016-2017. Temple broke records this past year for prospective students, receiving over 33,000 applicants.

Donors could donate to specific areas of their choice, including their own school or college, Temple Rome, Temple Libraries and Temple Athletics.

“By giving back, [students] are really showing pride in the university, showing support for all kinds of things…,” said Brendan Diamond, one of the event’s organizers. “Annual giving has become increasingly important for public schools.”

Feautre Image Courtesy: Temple University Instagram