Temple Transportation App Set to Take Flight


Being in a city like Philadelphia, transportation is a big part of anyone’s day. Temple has realized that and has made accommodations in the past to try and help students get around in the form of the Temple Shuttles. However, a new plan has been put into place to replace the shuttles with an app similar to Uber or Lyft.

(Photo credit: Derek W. Wyatt)
Flight will be similar to that of the transportation apps Uber and Lyft, which have grown in popularity. (Photo credit: Derek W. Wyatt)

The service is called Flight – named by Andrew Moliski – Temple’s own personal transportation service. Flight works very similar to Uber or Lyft in the sense that you type in the location where you want to be picked up and then one of several set destinations such as one of the residence halls, the student center, the IBC, and other main points of travel on the Temple Campus.

Temple Student Government’s head of the Department of Campus Safety Brett Ennis first announced the app to the department of Campus Safety on Monday Feb. 8 before it had been named. On Monday, Feb. 15 the Temple Student Government asked the representatives of student organizations for possible name ideas for the service. Andrew Moliski from the Temple Ad Club was the lucky participant whose name had been chosen.

Flight will have a similar radius as the shuttle. Unfortunately, the workers for Flight will not be able to pick you up from a night out in Center City, but it will pick you up from your apartment on 18th Street.

Flight will takeoff on March 14 so we will have to wait until after spring break until the release of the service. To access Flight you will have to download the TapRide app. If there are any questions about this service feel free to contact your Temple Student Government at www.templestudentgovernment.org.


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