Temple’s Department of Religion Hosts Easter Seminar


Temple University’s Department of Religion’s Graduate Studies Committee Association hosted a seminar focusing on Easter.

The event consisted of three separate talks, all with unique perspectives on the religious holiday.

Temple’s Dr. Vasiliki Limberis, a professor of ancient Christianity, gave a mini-lecture surrounding the origins of Easter.

“I…think Easter is a very misunderstood holiday,” Limberis said.

Her section went on to focus on Jesus’s crucifixion and its portrayal in art throughout the world.

Tom Berendt, a graduate student at Temple, spoke to the images often associated with the modern version of Easter. Berendt discussed the pagan ties within the Easter Bunny and Easter Egg symbols, emphasizing the connection between these images and Ēostre, a Germanic pagan goddess who is often pictured with rabbits and eggs.

Professor Dr. Elizabeth Hayes-Alvares wrapped up the seminary by discussing Easter in contemporary America. Hayes-Alvares talked about how different religions and denominations felt about the holiday, and how those feelings have shifted over time.

The mini lectures were followed by a lively question and answer session.

The Department of Religion’s graduate students have hosted similar events, all aimed at getting more students interested in religion. Past topics have included Halloween and the Virgin Mary.