Temple’s Law Week emphasizes importance of law in everyday life


This past Friday wrapped up Law Week here at Temple. Law Week is presented and sponsored by the Temple University Legal Studies Department.

“Law Week is a way for the legal studies department to inform the public about different aspects of the law,” Professor of Legal Studies, Dr. Vanessa J. Lawrence said.

What initially began as a comprehensive one-day event devoted to the Legal Studies Department has quickly grown into a full week event.

In its fourth year, Law Week consisted of two panel discussions titled, Uber and the Sharing Economy: Law, Ethics, and Policy, and Leadership and Law. Additionally on Tuesday and Wednesday, the event featured a special Naturalization Ceremony that welcomed the country’s newest citizens.

Thursday consisted of a law school fair that included fourteen different law schools. The week ended with a law school admission’s mock interview and application process on Friday.

Throughout the week, the Legal Studies Department brings in individuals to participate in Law Week who hold significant positions in the legal system in Philadelphia.

This year the law scholar in residence was, Justice Kevin M. Dougherty, Judge for the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania whom led the Leadership and Law discussion on Tuesday. The Legal Studies Department also invited the Honorable Juan Sanchez who is a Judge on the District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Judge Sanchez conducted the Naturalization Ceremony on Wednesday. Faculty members from Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Richmond, and Wiederer University were also widely involved, leading and engaging in panels and discussions.

Contrary to what people may think, Law Week is not just limited for Temple students with majors in the Legal Studies Department. Law Week is completely open to all students as well the public.

With the idea of bringing in students of different majors and different backgrounds, a particular topic is chosen every year that can resonate with students.

“We try to pick a topic that is extremely relevant to students. We want students to understand that Law is apart of society,” Lawrence explains. This year the discussion was on Uber and the Sharing Economy.

Dr. Lawrence explains, “Law Week’s main intent is for people to get a feel for what the Legal Studies department does and how important Law is in every person’s life.”



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