Temple’s Love Your Melon Crew Hosts Benefit Concert


Every year in the United States nearly 16,000 children are diagnosed with cancer. Its impact, both physically and emotionally is so great, that the child’s life is forever changed. Having and battling the disease disrupts his or her childhood, development and ability to enjoy the most valuable and enjoyable moments in life.

TU's Love Your Melon Crew began its mission back in October 2015, but shows no signs of slowing down. (Photo by: Nick Charles)
TU’s Love Your Melon Crew began its mission back in October 2015, but shows no signs of slowing down. (Photo by: Nick Charles)

However, a group of girls at Temple University have joined the nationwide organization, Love Your Melon, to combat this unfortunate and debilitating reality.

Love Your Melon is a nationwide apparel brand that is dedicated to giving a hat to every child in America battling cancer.

“What we do is all for the kids,” Amanda Nowell said. “Love Your Melon’s main goal is to make kids smile. We are looking to make memories with the kids and celebrate with them. There is a lot we want the kids to be happy about, not worrying about their fight, but living their life as a normal child.”

The Love Your Melon Temple Crew is still a fresh organization, establishing itself this past fall semester.

“Since our start in October we have accomplished so much,” Amanda DeFelice said. “We have grown to twenty-two members and have sold so many products within our short time together so far.”

On Saturday night, The Temple University Love Your Melon Crew conducted its first major fundraising event at Temple. The fundraiser featured a benefit concert featuring Philadelphia-based band, 3 Shades of Blue.

“This concert means so much to us. It is our first major fundraising event on campus,” Erin McComb said. “It’s a way to spread awareness on a large scale and get all of our supporters together. Plus, we have an amazing band, 3 Shades of Blue, who has been in contact with us and has been willing to help us out.”

Philadelphia-based band 3 Shades of Blue has recently come off of a successful run as a semi-finalist on the national television show America’s Got Talent. Best known for their unique blend of electronic pop-rock and lyrics of hope, the band consists of four members: brothers Jeffery Allem, Jesse Allem, Austin Allem, and close friend Dane Duncan.

“It is so exciting to have the opportunity to play for this benefit concert,” lead singer Jeffery Allem said. “Love Your Melon sent us hats to take some pictures with and it developed into a great relationship and it is so great that we can help to benefit the organization.”

Love Your Melon hopes that the concert will act as a boost in momentum to their young crew as they continue their growth.

“We have already grown so much and have received so much support from the community around us and also support nationwide,” Abi Green said. “It has truly been amazing.”

All proceeds from the concert benefit the Pinky Swear Foundation: A Love Your Melon Partner. The Pinky Swear Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to ease the financial and emotional impacts experienced by children with cancer and their families. The organization does so by providing basic needs and support during such a challenging time in the family’s life.

The Love Your Melon Temple Crew shows no sign of slowing down but only expanding as they continue their fundraising events ranging from 5K’s to creating activities for young children battling cancer.

To find out more about Love Your Melon at Temple, follow them on Facebook or email them at tulymcrew@gmail.com.


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