Temple’s SMC to be Named in honor of TV Pioneer Lew Klein


This past January, Temple University decided that its School of Media and Communication (SMC) will be renamed the Lew Klein College of Media and Communication as a tribute to broadcasting trailblazer Lew Klein.

For over six decades, Klein taught at Temple, in addition to his career in television in Philadelphia. Over the years, Klein and his wife, Janet, have donated millions of dollars to Temple.

“There are two things that contribute to a name change within a school, and that is either someone the university wants to honor or someone who has made a significant contribution to the university,” said David Boardman, the dean of SMC. “Lew Klein fit both, being the best person to be fit for the name of the school.”

Boardman also envisions that future donations will allow for a new communications building to be built, hoping to expand the building to double the size of the already present Annenberg Hall.


Feature Image: Temple SMC

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