The Cherry Tribune

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Written by: Sam Cohn
Photo by: Santo Donia

The Cherry Tribune is a multimedia storytelling project through WHIP that allows Temple athletes to let their stories be heard from their perspectives. It’s a collection of stories that give insight into what makes these students who they are as people and as athletes. The Cherry Tribune’s mission is to share ideas in a meaningful manner, emphasizing the point that each athlete has a story to tell about how they got to where they are because of great influence and meaningful experiences. We hope to create an outlet for first-person narrative stories through articles, podcast interviews, and video work.

Storytelling has been woven into our society and it flourishes through sports. Temple University athletics have long been competitive at the NCAA’s highest level. With athletes from around the world, we plan to showcase their success by sharing who they are as people. 

Beyond the field or the gym, these athletes have a voice and we hope to cultivate a platform that gives athletes an opportunity to control the narrative and share those ideas in an impactful way. Stories fuel sports and are a major part of what makes sports so incredible. At the Cherry Tribune, we hope to give those stories a chance to be heard through storytelling from the minds and mouths of the Temple Owls.


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