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WRITTEN BY: Victoria Dubendorf

Spunky redhead Kimmy Schmidt is still facing her greatest lifelong fear of being trapped in a bunker for most of her lifespan as she’s still trying to make it in the Big Apple with her best friends, Titus, Lillian, and Jacqueline. Unfortunately, this is the last we will be seeing of the gang’s antics as season four will be the finale season of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

In the finale episode of season three, “Kimmy Bites an Onion!” multiple stories are unfolding, as Kimmy tries to go to college, but in the end, drops out of Columbia University, and spontaneously decides to become a crossing guard, instead. Meanwhile, as her friend Titus breaks up with his construction worker boyfriend, Mikey, but realizes soon after that he wants him back, all the while producing a song that would make a hit on the top charts.

In this final season, the story simply unfolds in a rush. It’s almost a little difficult to tie things up! Kimmy started a new job at a startup company, and in a way, hasn’t exactly gotten used to societal workplace standards, but soon figures out what’s right and wrong. After taking that knowledge, she uses it to call out others.

Kimmy and Titus also discover that Kimmy unconsented to a documentary made about her and the other people that she stayed with in her bunker days. On the other hand, Titus somehow directed a student play, the closest thing he’ll get to his passion of being a star on the stage. This season has twists and turns that people just have to check out. At least “Kimmy Schmidt” can be watched all in one sitting!



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