The Whole Nation Watches Pennsylvania’s 18th Special Election


The race in the 18th district is heating up – though it will cease to exist in just a few short months.

The current Pennsylvania 18th district seat is up for a special election after Rep. Tim Murphy resigned back in October. Murphy, a pro-life Republican, is alleged to have impregnated his mistress and encouraged her to have an abortion. Once the news became public, the congressman resigned.

Conor Lamb, a 33-year-old Marine reservist, is an unconventional Democrat. Lamb believes life begins at conception and opposes new gun regulations. Regardless, he  has received the endorsement of former Vice President Joe Biden.

Rick Saccone received the support of the Trump family multiple times during the election, including two campaign events with Donald Trump Jr., and a rally with President Trump in Moon, PA last week.

The GOP has spent about $10 million in support of Saccone, in an effort to ward of the Democrats in fear of losing major ground as the May primaries draw closer.

It’s unclear if any of this matters.

After the new congressional map that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court released last month, the 18th district has been redrawn, meaning that the two will run again in November if they wish to maintain (or challenge) their title as Representative.

Lamb is expected to run for the 17th District, his hometown, while Saccone is set to run for the new 14th district. Saccone doesn’t like in the 14th district but has gained enough signatures of support to get himself on the ballot.

The polls for the special election open at 7 am and close at 8 pm.  

The filing deadline for the Pennsylvania Primaries is March 20.