Thirdstory @ Union Transfer

WRITTEN BY: Izzy Uknis

Last Wednesday, the Cold Heart Tour brought soul to Union Transfer. As far as vibe and raw talent, this show was unlike any concert experience I’ve ever had. The night began with a flawless performance by Grace Weber, a Grammy Award-winning recording artist and close friend of Thirdstory’s. Though I wasn’t familiar with her music prior to the show, I’m definitely a fan of hers now. Her performance of Daniel Caesar’s “We Find Love” was surreal. I was covered in chills listening to the crowd echo the chorus of the song, and was left stunned as she hit a pitch-perfect falsetto—ending her performance on a literal high note.

Up next was Thirdstory—the NYC-based group comprised of Ben Lusher, Richard Saunders and
Elliott Skinner. The trio walked on stage to face hundreds of devoted fans cheering (some
intensely sobbing), anticipating the first live performance of the new album.

The setlist included tracks off of Cold Heart, but it wouldn’t have been a Thirdstory show
without a few covers. My personal favorite was the cover of “Gone” by Adrianne Lenker. There
was a tangible stillness in the room, like no one wanted to make a noise for fear that it might ruin
a perfect moment. It wasn’t until later that I noticed how minimalistic the stage was. This was an
essential part of the performance, allowing the audience to focus on the band’s remarkable range
and passion.

If you haven’t listened to Thirdstory’s new album yet, I’d highly recommend it. You can check
them out on YouTube @Thirdstory, and on Instagram and Twitter @wearethirdstory. Also, be
on the lookout for Grace Weber’s upcoming project, which is produced by Donnie Trumpet.







1. Hit the Ceiling
2. Grows Old
3. Over (When We Said Goodbye)
4. Goodbye My Friend
5. Hotline Bling (Drake Cover)
6. Gone (Adrianne Lenker Cover)
7. On and On
8. G Train
9. Only Love
10. I’m Coming ‘Round
11. Searching for A Feeling
12. Many Rivers to Cross (Jimmy Cliff Cover)
13. Still in Love