This Week in the Republican Party


 The biggest headline coming out of the Republican Party this past week was the Senator Ted Cruz’s endorsement of Donald Trump for president. This came as a shock to the nation after Cruz and Trump were known for duking it out during the Republican primary. “Lying Ted,” as Trump so affectionately called him, was booed off the stage at the Republican National Convention, after telling the crowd to vote with their conscience, implying his distaste for his party’s nominee. With this endorsement, Trump may be able to gain more votes from Cruz supporters.

The first presidential debate between Trump and his adversary, Secretary Hillary Clinton, will take place tonight at 9 p.m. The two have proven to be some of the controversial political figures of this century. The polls could not be any closer, as Clinton leads Trump by just 2% heading into the main stage at Hofstra University.

Sowhat will the average Republican be looking for in tonight’s debate? First of all, Trump must stay on topic. We can anticipate more mud slinging between the two candidates, but it will crucial to Trump’s success to stay focused on the issues.

It will also be interesting to hear Clinton and Trump voice their respective opinions on recent events in Charlotte, NC. After being at a Trump rally this past week in Chester Township, Delaware County, he hinted at this topic slightly, but not as much as expected. His general stance on the matter is that injustice in America needs to come to an end, be it in Charlotte, Chicago, or any other city across the country.

In order to elect its candidate into the Oval Office, the Republican Party has no choice but to unite behind Trump. While he doesn’t currently have the approval of the entire party, Trump continues to try to garner its support. As he said at his Chester rally, “You will be proud of me!”


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