Tove Lo, the newest “Queen” of the pop scene?

“Queen Of The Clouds” Album Review

Queen of the Clouds


While you may not be familiar with Swedish singer/songwriter Tove Lo quite yet, it is undeniable that this girl is a star on the rise. Her latest album to drop “Queen Of The Clouds” has presented her a chance at mainstream stardom. The first single released off her album “Habits” and a corresponding remix produced by Hippy Sabotage made waves on radio stations across the country, even peaking at number 6 on the Billboard Top 100 Charts. You may know her from behind the scenes, as she has written for superstars Icona Pop, Cher Lloyd, and “Glee” Star Lea Michele. Now she’s developing a name for herself, showcasing all of her talents and feelings into one memorable, substantive, EDM-inspired pop album.

Tracks worth knowing:

Moments – This is not your typical love song. It’s pretty rough around the edges and filled with pleas for accepting Tove Lo’s lack of normalcy. Not the best track off the album but it really gives insight on her careless attitude towards judgment and life in general.

Got Love – While the lyrics and composition of this track may seem repetitive. This song is out of the ordinary, in a good way. On this song, her vocals are given the opportunity to really shine.

Not On Drugs – Tove Lo’s second single off the album may very well be the best track as well. The song itself is about how loving someone so much can make you do crazy things. Her perspective is relatable in that it’s really hard to be rational and crazy in love. Complemented by a catchy beat and uplifting drop, this song is the perfect follow up single to “Habits”.

Thousand Miles – Here the album takes a dark turn focusing on the pain aspect of relationships. The song is about Tove’s great desire to get back with her ex. Worth noting is the hook that really conveys her sense of emotion.

Habits (Stay High) – This chart-topping hit is an obvious highlight off the album. Accompanied by a pleasurable electronic beat and addicting hook, this track will be stuck in your head for days. The song itself is about an exclamation of lost love and self-medication.

Hear some of Tove Lo’s new album “Queen of The Clouds” this Sunday night at 8pm EST on the New Release Show. You’ll hear it first exclusively on Philadelphia’s #1 College Radio Station, WHIP.



By: Kevin Schoenfeld


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