Trippy Turtle @ Coda


All of the party people made their way to Coda on Thursday September 29th to take part in Trippy Turtle’s “The Lettuce Turnip Tour.” Trippy Turtle brought DJ Nintendo Frog and DJ Teez as openers and their stop in Philadelphia gave the city a non-stop, high-energy show. Doors opened at 10:00 p.m. and until the early hours of 2:00 a.m., each act had Philly’s night owls raving to the sounds of hip-hop, R&B and club music.

DJ Nintendo Frog kicked off the night, gracing the stage wearing a green frog head, keeping their mysterious persona anonymous. The earliest concert-goers were in for an epic set as DJ Nintendo Frog’s energy was alive and contagious. They were able to excite every crowd member and keep them on their feet through their whole set. The Nintendo Frogs even broke into a couple dance moves of their own behind the decks.

Contrary to most concerts, there were no intermissions between any acts throughout the night, keeping the pace of the night quick and upbeat. As one DJ finished their set, the next one came right behind the previous, taking over the turntables and transitioning into their performance without missing a beat. For four hours straight, the crowd was constantly bouncing around the venue to their hearts content.

DJ Teez via @avmediafilms

After DJ Nintendo Frog, DJ Teez was next to take the stage. Making his appearance donning black shades, the New Jersey-native had a strong local fan-base, who were seen standing front row, shouting out his legal name rather than his stage moniker.  At one point during his performance, a brave soul hopped onto the stage to get a video with the Teez in action. He was a good sport about the situation but politely declined, sending the fan back into the crowd to rejoin the fun. After DJ Teez’s set, he smoothly handed the stage over Trippy Turtle. Before leaving, DJ Teez danced across the front of the stage and  gave fans in the front row some of the Sour Patch Kids candy he was eating.

By the time Trippy Turtle took the stage, Coda was packed from front to back and fans showed no signs of slowing down. Sporting his signature green turtle hoodie, the crowd’s energy and enthusiasm grew as he continued playing more club music. Trippy Turtle added a dash of some 90’s throwback hip-hop and songs from his Trippy Turtle EP which was released last month. Trippy Turtle maintained his cool demeanor, not making much eye contact with the crowd, but continued to sing and dance along to the music he was mixing. The night almost took a turn for the worst when mid set, the sound had randomly been cut off. Luckily, it was for less than a minute and the Trippy Turtle picked the party right back up by playing Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow.”  

Trippy Turtle via Run The Trap

By the end of Trippy Turtle’s set, fans still wanted more and hoped for Trippy Turtle to to return for an encore performance. Unfortunately, he never came back out, but as the crowd filed out of Coda that morning drenched in sweat and smiles, it was clear he Philadelphia stop on the Lettuce Turnip Tour was one to remember.