TSG : Wake Up Call welcomes VoiceTU and IgniteTU

By: Michael Carey


On the campaign trail for their respective parties, both running parties for Temple Student Government stopped by WHIP Radio on Monday. Check out the interviews in the videos below.

VoiceTU – #SayItLouder

Presidental Candidate – Tyler Lum

Vice Presidental Candidate of External Affairs – Bridget Warlea

Vice Presidental Candidate of Services – Almas Ayaz


IgniteTU – #FuelTheChange

Presidental Candidiate – Gadi Zimmerman

Vice Presidential Candidate of External Affairs – Cameron Kaczor


Students have the oppurtunity to vote for their favorite parties for two days beginning on April 4th. The 2018-2019 winning party will be announced on April 6th.



Nathan Weaver, an on-air personality with WHIP Radio, is a member of the Communicatons team for VoiceTU

Anthony Pearson, the Assistant News Director with WHIP Radio, is the Graphic Designer for IgniteTU

WHIP Radio has respectfully opted to not officially endorse any campaign for the 2018 Election. 


Michael Carey

Michael is an award-winning radio host at WHIP Radio. He has been a staple host on WHIP's Wake Up Call, and has recently occupied the role of Program Director for the station.