Two Feet @ Coda

WRITTEN BY: Ian Hranilovich

Bass-infused blues rocker Two Feet took to the stage at Coda Monday night to deliver a very intimate and energetic performance. Following his viral success, Bill Dess has set out on his first headline tour across the U.S under his mysterious moniker, Two Feet. He was supported by fellow singer and producer Absofacto.

When Absofacto took the stage, the crowd was very eager to hear what he had to offer. He played a very lively set, with a mix of live instruments and sample chopping. He provided a very fun atmosphere across the stage, whether singing, playing guitar, or jamming on sample pads. In the middle of his set, Absofacto performed a cover of the Arctic Monkeys’ “Do I Wanna Know?” which was a nice surprise to the audience. He ended the set with his most popular song, “Dissolve,” which has garnered a not-too-shabby 7 million plays on Spotify.

Shortly after, Two Feet took to the stage and the crowd went wild. His set was a nice mix of all songs from his two current EP’s, First Steps and Momentum, as well as a few covers and unreleased tunes. Each song would end with a soulful guitar jam, and last several minutes. He began with one of his most popular songs, “Quick Musical Doodles,” catching the audience’s attention instantly. His song “Love is a B*tch” played on for what seemed like ten minutes as Dess incorporated a different musical riff at the end of each chorus. When he played “Had Some Drinks,” the instrumental bass line seemed to rattle the entire building.

While Two Feet’s playing ability was there, his stage presence could not be understated as well. He made sure to cover every inch of the stage while staying relaxed under the pressure. Full of charisma, his heavily reverbed guitar solos glistened through the venue, lighting up everyone’s faces. During some solos, would kneel down and wail away on a bent note. These moments really had the crowd going crazy and feigning for more.

Later on in his set, Two Feet played a sonically rich cover of Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine.” The background instrumental was filled with a booming bass line and rattling percussion, which matched perfectly with Two Feet’s passionate guitar playing. Of course, Dess could not go without congratulating the city on our recent Super Bowl win, which the crowd greatly appreciated.

One moment I really could appreciate about Two Feet’s performance was when he told the crowd about how he got to where he is now. He recounted only 18 months ago, when he was living in New York, struggling to make money as a bodega cashier. After posting his now-viral hit “Go F*ck Yourself” to Soundcloud, he received instant Internet fame, giving him his many touring opportunities. The song has now accumulated over 95 million YouTube views and over 76 million Spotify plays. It was only appropriate for him to end with that song, which was easily a crowd favorite. Following a long applause, Two Feet was so enamored that he decided to play it a second time, ending short and sweet.

Overall, Two Feet played a fantastic set and lit up his fans’ hearts. Looking around, I could tell that the crowd was made up of mostly diehard fans, despite Two Feet’s very short time in the industry. Two Feet has also just released a music video for his most recent song, “Feels Like I’m Drowning.” If his music piques your interest, you can catch him perform at Governor’s Ball and Electric Forest over this summer.