“Walking Dead” Drops A Bombshell

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WRITTEN BY: William Ledford

Walking Dead fan will be happy to know that actor Andrew Lincoln is far from done with the series.  After confirming his departure from the show at San Diego Comic-Con in July fans everywhere wondered what would happen next. Well, it seems that we have our answer. In season 9 episode 5 audiences are led to believe, along with the rest of the survivors, that Rick Grimes (Lincoln) sacrificed himself to protect the Hilltop crew. With heart broken fans everywhere wept for the show’s main protagonist, it was revealed in the episodes final moments that Rick was indeed alive. Being helicopter away to safety his fate was left a mystery, until now.

Revealed by show runner Scott Gimble, Rick Grime’s story will continue with a trilogy of made-for-television movies. While much is still unknown about the very nature of the films Gimble has revealed to Entertainment Weekly that, “”He’s flying off in a helicopter, away from Virginia, and it’s going to be a new world — a very new situation with its own history, and very, very different from what we’ve seen before”. Gimble also let slip that while the plan right now is for a trilogy that isn’t the end of the story. While the trilogy is the set plan this, “doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the only Rick Grimes stories we’re ever going to tell”.

The question on everyone’s minds after this reveal is, why? Why make movies about a character when you could keep their story going on television? The answer to that is a lot more wholesome then you might think. In an interview with EW Lincoln revealed that his decision to leave the show was to spend more time with his family stating, “I have two young children, and I live in a different country, and they become less portable as they get older, It was that simple. It was time for me to come home.” With that we don’t think anyone could fault Andrew for wanting to spend more time raising his children. The Rick Grime’s trilogy is expected to begin production sometime in 2019, with a currently unknown air date.   



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