What is the best Halal Cart at Temple?

By: Josh Dunford

Temple students are always busy. They have midterms, projects, clubs, and sports. A lot of stress comes with being a college student. Sometimes students need a quick and easy lunch to eat while they are cramming for their test. This is the reason why the halal carts in front of the student center are so popular. The three carts located on 13th street have students dining at them all day long for lunch and dinner. 

I go to the Halal carts once a week for lunch and always get the same thing which is a chicken gyro sandwich. The sandwich comes with chicken or lamb, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers. You can choose between hot and white sauce. I usually get white sauce only because I’m not a very big spice guy. The halal carts have sandwiches and salads. They are all cheap (7-8 dollars for a sandwich and a drink) and take cash, card, or Venmo. 

I think the Halal carts are all good but I will be ranking them in terms of flavor, ratio of meat to veggies, and the service. 

  1. Left cart (No Name)

I think this place has the best flavored chicken. It is flavorful and kind of sweet. It comes with a good amount of chicken and a good amount of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and  cucumbers. The guys are nice but the cart changes who works inside and so there are a bunch of different guys throughout the day. I don’t think this has anything to do with the food but the other two carts have people who can memorize your order. 

  1. Ebi’s

This is my go to place. I usually switch off between this place and the one on the left. I think the guy who runs the stand is very nice and always strikes up conversations with students. The chicken was flavorful and there was a good amount of vegetables and sauce. The bread held on to everything well. 

  1. One on the Right 

I still think this one is good but I think there was too much chicken on the sandwich. A lot of it fell off of the bread and there weren’t as many vegetables. I think the flavor was good but the other two did it better. The people are nice (there are three guys who work there daily) and it is open later than the other two (I’m not sure but I think it is open until 9 or 10). 

There are other Halal food options (one near J&H, one on the Wall, and one in the SAC) but I haven’t been to them yet. The three in front of the SAC are very good and reliable. 


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