WHIP Radio welcomes Dean Boardman

By: Michael Carey


To close out broadcasting for WHIP Radio for spring 2018, the Wake Up Call hosted a very special guest.

Dean Boardman of Klein College of Media and Communication stopped by for a one-on-one interview about his career, the future of journalism, and the future of Klein College.

After writing for a high school paper, Boardman found himself exceeding his own expectations by heading to Northwestern University at the Medill School of Journalism. Following his departure from Northwestern with a minor in African Studies, Boardman went to Liberia to perform volunteer work. Upon returning, he turned to his college girlfriend at the time and followed the path out west to the San Juan Islands in Puget Sound.

“You really learned the value of getting it right, and being sensitive to people,” Boardman said. “You would write about someone, and then see them at the lunch counter the next day.”

The Seattle Times would become the new home of Dean Boardman as he would begin as a reporter, before graduating to multiple editing roles, finally landing at the role of Editor-In-Chief for 30 years. Following his career at the Seattle Times, Dean Boardman would find himself on Broad Street where he would take the helm of the Klein College of Media and Communication.

“I knew nothing about Temple, or North Philly to speak of,” Boardman recalled. “I walked outside onto Liacouras Walk at eight o’clock in the morning, and I was just… blown away by the energy.. by the diversity. It was unlike any campus I have ever seen.”

Dean Boardman calls the current reputation of Klein College “soaring”, as many of Klein’s students have won multiple awards and have received recognition. Philadelphia Neighborhoods being labeled as the “Best College News Website in the Country” by Editor and Publisher Magazine. TUTV was awarded as the “Best College Television Station in the Country”, and Klein’s Advertising students took home first place for the third straight year in a national marketing competition featuring over 200 colleges. Thanks to all of this success, Klein has seen a record number of out-of-state applications in recent years.

While Annenberg Hall itself has gone “over-the-hill”, Boardman is looking for a new look for Annenberg Hall within the next four to five years.

“We are hopeful that we can either have a total renovation or update or expansion of Annenberg Hall or possibly even a new building on another site.”

Check out the full interview with Dean Boardman down below.



Michael Carey

Michael is an award-winning radio host at WHIP Radio. He has been a staple host on WHIP's Wake Up Call, and has recently occupied the role of Program Director for the station.